• Youth Leadership

    Rising Stars is an innovative and unique inside-out self-development process. This evidence-based approach focuses on three critical elements that promote personal leadership, healthy behaviors, and the skills employers identify as essential. These elements are developed, applied, and reinforced throughout... Read More
  • Personal Mentoring

    A mentor is a professional who works with individual clients to help them achieve results and sustain life-changing behavior in their lives and careers. Mentors address the whole person with an emphasis on uncovering blind spots and producing right actionthat leads to more fulfillment, balance, and more ... Read More
  • Strategy

    CEO’s and Business Owners routinely identify the largest problem within their organization is implementing strategy. RJP Performance Group can assess your organization by providing you with the insight that you will need to determine how to best use your talent and resources to move your organization forward. Read More
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In today’s business environment with all of the radical changes, uncertainty, new rules and regulations, and increased customer demands, how do you manage and thrive as an organization?

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Case Studies

The following are examples of results that a few of our clients have achieved. While we developed and facilitated the process, these results were designed and generated by the employees of their respective organizations

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Our Clients

Our clients range from sole proprietors to Fortune 100 companies. We work with non-profit and government agencies. We are dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals to achieve positive results.

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Personal Mentoring

About RJP Perfomance Group

RJP Performance Group is lead by Richard Pitoscia a leader in industry, people development and owner for over 20 years.As a result of working closely with business owners, managers, executives and individuals; Rich and his team believe they can help make the world a better place with their unique approach in assisting people, teams and organizations to become more successful in all areas of their professional and personal lives.

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